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Educational Objectives

One way to gain a competitive edge in the growing intergovernmental competition is to create highly value-added substances and technologies. Life engineering that deals with living organisms aims to do just that. The Department of Molecular and Genetic Engineering is derived from biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular cell biology. It aims to nurture talents for the research and industry of life engineering related to the exploration of biological materials, biodata, and the development of new medicines and vaccines.


1. Chemically interpret the structures and functions of biological substances and apply the findings to life engineering
2. Learn metabolism, the structures and functions of related proteins, and response systems; focus on how to apply the knowledge to the bio-industry for developing medicines and biological substances
3. Learn the types, structures, metabolisms and genes of micro-organisms and explore applied life engineering

Professor Introduction

Professor Introduction
Name Field Contact No. E-mail Add.
Chi Young Min Enzymology +82-2-3290-3025 ezeg@korea.ac.kr
Chung, Namhyun Biochemistry +82-2-3290-3026 nchung@korea.ac.kr
Whang, Kwang-Youn Animal Nutrition +82-2-3290-3056 kwhang@korea.ac.kr
Moon Jung Song Molecular Virology +82-2-3290-3019 moonsong@korea.ac.kr
Sung Ok Han Microbiology +82-2-3290-3151 samhan@korea.ac.kr
In-Geol Choi Computational &Synthetic Biology +82-2-3290-3152 igchoi@korea.ac.kr
Byung Cheon Lee Biomolecular Engineering +82-2-3290-3002 cheonii@korea.ac.kr