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The remarkable development of various basic disciplines has led to an understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of life phenomena. In addition, the genes of animal species from rodents to primates including humans are being decoded quickly, and many governments are racing to economically utilize the findings. Under these circumstances, a functional discipline that can be applied to the life engineering industry is much needed to realize a society with a sound and principled approach to life.

Accordingly, our department aims to lead the life engineering industry by offering basic education on the prevention and diagnosis of diseases, physiology and development of living organisms and by expanding the connectivity between industry, academia and research, thereby fostering future-oriented experts.

Professor Introduction

Professor Introduction
Name Field Contact No. E-mail Add.
HONG, Ki Chang Animal Genetics and Breeding +82-2-3290-3053 kchong@korea.ac.kr
Ko, Yong Animal Cellular Physiology +82-2-3290-3054 yongko@korea.ac.kr
Hwang, Kwang Yeon Structural Proteomics +82-2-3290-3009 chahong@korea.ac.kr
You, Seungkwon Cell and Tissue Biotechnology +82-2-3290-3057 bioseung@korea.ac.kr
Kim, Hyunggee Molecular Cell Biology +82-2-3290-3059 hg-kim@korea.ac.kr
KIM, JONG-HOON Stem Cell Biology +82-2-3290-3007 jhkim@korea.ac.kr
LEE, Cheol-Koo Functional Genomics +82-2-3290-3008 cklee2005@korea.ac.kr
Lee, Youngsik RNA Silencing +82-2-3290-3018 ys-lee@korea.ac.kr
Chun, Taehoon Immunobiology +82-2-3290-3069 tchun@korea.ac.kr
Gwonhwa Song Developmental Genetic Engineering +82-2-3290-3012 ghsong@korea.ac.kr
Dae-Sung Kim Cell Based Therapy and Tissue Engineering +82-2-3290-3013 sonnet10@korea.ac.kr