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생명환경과학대학원 원장 김익명

The knowledge-based information society in the 21st century requires individuals who have acquired the capabilities to build expertise and connect it to related fields. The reality we face today is that we must continue our learning to keep pace with the changes in the world and in science, or we will lag behind.

In this sense, our specialized graduate school was founded to offer a practical curriculum on crop production and application—basic conditions for human survival—preservation and use of the natural environment, and related policy development, thereby nurturing leaders for the field of life sciences in the 21st century. We have produced 1,376 master’s degree graduates, and they have played an important role as experts in various areas such as governmental agencies, municipal institutions, businesses, universities, educational institutions, and research institutes.

Today humanity faces life-threatening issues due to unprecedented pollution and destruction of the ecosystem. They are the harmful consequences of industrialization, consequences which no single country alone can deal with. Korea has achieved remarkable economic growth over the past 30 years, but its rapid industrialization has led to severe environmental pollution. Now we are even concerned about our drinking water. Moreover, due to the conditions of Korea’s small land mass and highly dense population, our self-sufficiency rate for food stands at a low 30%, and daily necessities must be imported. Therefore, the scope of life science and environmental engineering is growing along with their significance as we work on reversing the harmful changes to our environment.

Our school offers lectures by eminent faculty members with in-depth knowledge and insights based on timely updates of curriculum to deal with such pending issues and temporal changes. We hope that you will allow us to be of assistance in your journey to grow into an expert in the bio-industry and environment.

Prof. Ick Young Kim
Dean, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Science