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Vision & Mission

KU Graduate School of Life and Environmental Science
welcomes you with open arms to our program.

Korea has achieved remarkable economic growth over the past 30 years, but industrialization has brought with it a reliance on imports for our food supply.

In addition, the world faces various environmental issues such as global warming and climate change due to water, air and soil pollution and CO2 emissions resulting from intensive industrialization, and we are not immune to these issues.

To resolve such issues, the bioindustry should be environmentally friendly. In addition, we have to design long-term plans for residential environments and the use and protection of the natural environment. To this end, policy makers, administrators, business leaders and researchers should work together.

Accordingly, our school offers the Life and Environment Advanced Management Program (AMP) to leaders from the government, public agencies, businesses, bio start-ups, and environment-related companies. Our program consists of practical topics and themes.