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Brief History

We have advanced and diverse experimental tools and devices in a newly expanded facility. The Science Library, the largest one in Korea, holds latest science books and journals and offers an excellent educational environment.

Graduates of our school now number more than 1,500, and they can continue to doctoral studies to pursue their pathways in academic fields.

Brief History
1905 Korea University was born as Bosung College, the first higher education institute founded solely with the support of the Korean public.
1970~1979 1970s Hired professors who studied in prestigious universities and expanded exchanges with globally prestigious schools with grants from the German government and academic exchange programs
March 1977 Established the Graduate School of Food Development, the first specialized agricultural graduate school in Korea, with eight majors
1990~1999 April 1991 Added four new majors, including genetic engineering; changed the name of the school to the Graduate School of Natural Resources
After 2000 March 2002 Changed the name to the Graduate School of Life and Environmental Science; established 15 majors for graduate and research programs in five departments
March 2004 Expanded majors to 16 in 5 departments
March 2006 Reorganized majors into 14 in 7 departments
September 2006 Restructured programs into 16 majors in 8 departments and established the Department of Climatic Environment when the school was designated a specialized graduate school of climate change by the Ministry of Environment
September 2007 Restructured programs into 12 majors in 7 departments
March 2011 Restructured programs into 10 majors in 7 departments
March 2015 Restructured programs into 11 majors in 7 departments